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Apartment-hunting in Houston can be a real challenge. Why are you doing it on your own? We are a Free Movesrus Locator service that will help you find the best apartment for your needs and budget! As Houston’s Best Apartment Locator Service, Apartment Living Locators will take you through a simple process to find out what you want in your next apartment home, including amenities, rental costs, city area and more.

Our expert team of Free Movesrus apartment-location professionals will work tirelessly to ensure that when all is said and done, you have the perfect apartment for you and your family.

We’ve been in the Houston Apartment Location industry. We’re Houston’s oldest apartment rental service, but don’t let our age fool you. We know the Houston apartments like the back of our hands. Since we’ve been in business serving Houston residents for so long, we’ve had the time and experience to build trust and excellent relationships with Houston apartment complexes and their staff.

We are simplifying the process of finding a new apartment in Houston by offering potential tenants the best up-to-date database available that literally has almost every apartment in Houston and surrounding areas. Because of our excellent relationship with Houston apartment managers, we also keep up with and know the current specialties offered by the Houston apartment complexes.

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